Friday, November 19, 2010

The Return Of Tha Ufo

The video.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Kid Cudi

The Past Of Mr. Rager

The title is funny considering all the trouble Kid Cudi has been into thus far this year. Ironic not funny. The music on this is what you expect from an emo artist. Moody. I don't really no where to start as to how happily dull this music made me feel when I first heard it. He tells a lot about his personal life about his family issues and all and this is all on the first track.

Favorite Line:

Are you looking at these black lips?// All the time I'm flat line stoned bitch//

After someone ask him is he really smoking.

The album from there is full of twist and turns. "Just for you" is very mellow and the guest vocals are welcome they compliment Cudi's love plea very well on this song. Cudi sounds like he is a beatles singer on this track and it is one of my favorites on this Mixtape. His voice continues to pull you in on the next track " crusin' " he has grown as a singer since i first heard him on a "Kid Named Cudi" he still rocks bathing ape like most emo kids he says it proudly on the same track. This is certified car music. At this point in the album I called up my weed man and drove over bumping it.

The shots by rappers like Wale seem silly when you compare the music to tracks like Crusin'. Crusin makes you want to move and do some big things like go buy some weed drive around the city and holler at some pretty girls pun intended.

When I got back home I continued to dwell into the mind of Kid Mescudi. The dark "Mojo So Dope" is an anthem for all emo kids. He talks about the skinny jeans and even speaks about his brother in the dope game and his mother. He even brings meaning to the rager name and once again explains that he has puns intended as well. I wanted to skip the song and move on the next because he had me hooked at this moment.

The next was probably one of my favorites on the album showing people they really did not want the bar for bar with kid cudi. He gets busy as he states in the beginning. Dangerous is EPIC. This is one of the greatest subliminal diss songs I have heard. The hunt is own for the head of Wale. We at her dad hates me hate him just as much as you do. He sounds like Notorious BIG on this song a bit and you can hear it in his delivery that he is not playing.

Favorite Line:

The entire Freestyle at the end.

It was a bit hit and miss with Rev and Ev. Glad this was on the mixtape instead of the album.

He recovers nicely on Girls, Sounds, and Colors. As a raver and an Emo kid I think this song spoke volumes to me. The guest vocals did not steal the show but rather complimented Kid Mescudi and we appreciate that. Some singers try to over power rather than compliment and this was done very well.

The live performance made us want to check his show dates. I bet he is amazing live. If he is half as charasmatic as he is on How To Make It In America than we would love to be apart of one of his shows. The crowd didn't seem to really appreciate his live performance as much we did as we smoked and sat.....the pretty girl I met out here Downtown Atlanta.

Welcome To The World was welcomed as well I love the way Cudi can make the best out of a bad situation. The beat was a bit pop and bubbly but this shit was brought back down by his lyrics and the bands lyrics that played along with him.

As a fan of rap and lyrics the freestyle with Westwood was probably my favorite part. I would love to watch a cipher of Charles Hamilton and Kid Cudi two of the best freestlyers in the game.

Favorite line:

"I roll to London hit it up dizzee rascallle."

Shout out to cudi for knowing about Dizzee.

Memories Remix got no sounded like generic Rave music and was a bit filler for me.

Wylin Cause I'm Young recovered for every song i wasn't feeling he follows up with a great song.

This whole mixtape is a must have for any fan of emo hip hop and we love this Mixtape. It is a classic for sure.

Songs to check out:
Did You Get It?, Girls Sounds and Colors, Crusin', Dangerous, Tim Westwood Freestlye

Rating 5 out of 5 doughnuts

Charles Is At It Again

Well this isn't awakard Review

The albums starts off great. Due to the fact that Isn't This Awkawrd is my favorite Charles Hamilton Mixtape along with Normalcy it was hard to picture a sequel. He states it was a classic with many on the first track. I don't think he intended to out do his first effort but he must have known that the comparisons would be almost immediate. I will say that the intro is EPIC. I love the beat and the vocals they made me feel serene and depressed at the same time.

Then the first song plays, it is very different from how the first began on the first mixtape, this is more sadder. Seeing as how he didn't get her after the first effort which was magnificent I can see why it is sad. The lost boyz hook fits perfect seeing as how he most feel at this moment. He is a bit too complex with his lyrics. You must wonder what type of women have been in his life to bring him to the point that he knows what many are thinking and how to control them to the point he does yet be so out of control career wise. It is sad how many took his Rhianna obsession and thought it was rhianna instead of Brianna the girl that hit him. Sadly they put him in the position where he had to choose which one would better suit him. He probably never thought it would go to that level but it did.

The next song is on point. It is back to the happy go lucky Charles. The pimp. He backed behind the "We will rock you beat" he went bonkers over this beat. All you can do is nod in approval as he taunts both of his loves with what other choices he has.

The next song he tells them what they are thinking. As he approaches both of them instead of them this time. He fell in love with both of them. After all she helped him profess his love to the first one the first time. How can the first one hate the second one? This is where I think he made a mistake but he walks his own path Riley Freeman you know. He even puts a message of her after he deleted previous on his work the L word Maybeline in which he saves it this time. He really is going hard at this point in the film.

Of course he is turned down at this point. As I said it was a bad idea. He is back to begging like Keith Sweat at this point of the film. This is laugh out loud hilarious.

Then he really loses it. Since he can't get Brianna he decides to attack her, which makes you wonder if the track "Humble Beginnings" was a threat or a plea for love. He bodies her and Drake on the same track. This is disgusting. Talk about a body bag. He plays with them vocally on laughing as he gets to end ofch verse because he has the beat extremely low meaning he must have a big suprise at the end. He lets the production take over "August Rush" Style and bodies them both. You are wondering how she will take this at this point in the film.

Favorite Line:

Drake Saying the same thing every single time.

Peter Pad's is a commerical break well needed at this point we are on the edge of our seat.

The commerical break he goes in on anybody else that might want some. All the people that said he couldn't bounce back from the punch. I don't think niggaz want it with him at this point.

So he sends shots at Tha Ufo, Jay Z, and Chris Brown on the next song.

Favorite Line:

"I'm more ILL than Yuck." Sick!

Then he apologizes to Brianna on the repremanded. You know he would.

Finally he must choose at the end.

He chooses to be lonely. Monkhood.

That shit ain't last.

He is now with Kat Stacks.....I personally think he needs to be with Brianna.

Either way we are happy he didn't dumb it down like Interscope wanted him to.

Five Out Of Five Doughnuts

The Epic Interview With DJ Miss Van

The woman behind the music that caused us to almost commit suicide on Music To Die To decided to open up to us while Tha Ufo is dealing with his mental health issues in whatever institute they have placed him. According to her he doesn't want any mail and has limited his contact with her to only one call a month due to issues she had on twitter involving hacking into his twitter account and causing him to have an uproar against his fellow tatted rapper and friend Wiz Khalifa, a weird outburst against Puff Daddy, a bomb threat to New York, etc. very terroristic in a way but also very comedic. Is she the Harley Quinn he always hints to? We at Her Dad Hates Me wanted to find out.

So you are the DJ Miss Van always yelling "DJ Miss Van bitch" and arguing with him on the Snobs and Prudes Mixtape correct?

Yes, I also hosted his Music To Die To album available for sale on and did his interview for the snobs and prudes LP. I also was in his second music video Super Sayiian two years ago. I also wrote on his last blog your daughter's homie. We are good friends.

How did you meet?

I used to work at Game Stop in Augusta. He would come in and we met there...then we got a job at Famous Dave's together. We dated for awhile. Long story short he couldn't be faithful so we broke up.

Your DJ name is pretty cool how did that come about?

Well my real name is Jacki. Tha Ufo and I are big graffitti fans he is named after the New York graffitti artist so I wanted to be named after my favorite female tagger. I eventually just started going by Vanessa. My last name really is Kim though. That is for those that are interested.

Interesting, so you and him are not on good terms right now.

As far as the future of his company we are in agreement it's in need of progress. His personal life is something I had no reason to be involved in but I am in love with him and sometimes make the wrong choices in my decisions. Example, hacking his twitter and trying to manipulate the woman he loves and the other women he cares about. I am very jealous and I am very defensive when it comes to him. He taught me how to hack, we are both bape addicts, we both have been through a lot. He is more focused on the company then romance he says then makes his romance apart of the company so I become confused.

Could it be he just is not interested in you?

If that is the case he needs to.....well you have heard us argue. Those are not fake arguments or staged. Those are real debates between us and he makes them public. I would enjoy it if these were not but he does these things and my mind becomes, have you ever heard the song Two Track Mind by Nocando? It's like he is making me think two different things about him but they are on the same path.

Can't say I have heard that song. You are from Koreatown right?

Born and raised. Real shit.

How do you feel about the Jersey Shore inspired show coming out about Koreatown?

Word to Dumbfoundead I think it will be hella funny. I bet someone will get socked out during the show. (laughs)

You hacked your friends twitter why?

It was.....I was very mad. I was upset. I hit him wear it hurt. His idols. Puffy, Kanye, Pharrell, the ice cream skate team. Che Mack didn't really fall for my antics. He knows how to pick a wifey I sware but I was just angry. I was mad at the film and the EP he has coming out. I've heard some of the other shit he has in the stash since I am the DJ for the company and I just was pissed at knowing where his career was going why I couldn't be the one he picked. I knew him the longest and loved him more than all of these crushes and "muses" as he calls them. I don't like Che Mack and never have and I probably never will. I can't stand her. His brother Dynamite was watching my page. Shut my shit down quick. So I hacked Tha Ufo's shit. I knew how he felt about Wiz Khalifa and his love for his musical brother. I attacked everyone I felt responsible for his ideals. I really hated him.

How did you make up?

Well Dynamite called me first like "what the fuck are you doing"? He can't hack he's more of the muscle of the was like "fuck this shit!" So he was like "alright". Then I did not hear from him for several weeks. I was so sick. That shit was like cold fucking city.....I was freezing man. So I broke down and called his brother Dynamite like "tell him to call me". Dynamite did and......we talked for like two hours. My phone bill was crazy because he was still in jail at the time but fuck it. Finally I was convinced I was wrong he gave me your number and well here I am.

Why not just give Dynamite the twitter page password so he could delete your hacks?

It's disrespecting my work as a hacker. Breaks the code. Nothing would stop me from changing it again or worst deleting his page. He hacked me first anyway by telling Dynamite how to delete my twitter account. We had to come to terms, period.

So you said something about an EP.....what is this?

Just an EP he has coming out while he is locked up.

Sweet. So we heard Dynamite rap on Snobs and Prudes we also are scheduled to interview him next month, does he have any music coming out while Tha Ufo is gone?

Honestly we aren't sure if Dynamite will persue a career. He is not really a rapper. He represents more than that. Tha Ufo really is the rapper and Dynamite is just his little brother that reps the family you know? I think he said all he needed to say on that one verse on Snobs and Prudes."Anyone got beef with Tha Ufo address me first// like yall spend the money we spend on Ice cream T shirts bitch"! It was great!

So are you hosting any of Tha Ufo's new music?

At the moment no.....he is pretty pissed at me. (laughs) I will be eventually though. He doesn't stay mad for too long at his friends.

So as we near the close of this interview, are you going to showcase any music outside of Tha Ufo or any other artist. As a DJ don't you want to have exclusives from other artist and start your own "Gangsta Grillz" type of franchise.

Of course. We are working that out now. I want to start the No more Posers franchise and showcase Emo hip hop on my Mixtapes. That is in the near future.

The slut clothing line...will it ever see the light of day?

Probably not....he seemed to not want to do what every rapper does which is start a clothing line. He is too much of a bape and Ice Cream Head. Plus those college kids stole the brand name from him which made him think the entire brand must have been stupid from the start for some upper class creeps to rob him.

So what are you listening to right now?

Courtney Love Hole. Doll parts is one of my favorite songs. I think Che Mack speaks to me through that song.

Last question before you go, are you looking for anyone to be a boyfriend?

I want Nef Prez as my girlfriend......and I want Nocando as a boyfriend. (laughs) Seriously though, if i meet someone half as sick as Tha Ufo then I will lock him up in my bedroom and rape him until he does what I tell him to do through telepathic messages.

Uh okay.

Next Month an interview with his little brother Dynamite Headdy. The EP is dropping exclusively on BloggerHouse on June Sixth 2011. It is called The four Corner Hustla.

Tha Ufo's twitter page was also cleaned up after this interview was taken. Saturday October 30th at 12:00 pm.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Emo Mafia Film Part Two


Tha Ufo's Final Interview Before.....just read.

After months of debates and dealing with his legal issues Tha Ufo is once again leaving to go into an institution. Sadly it appears that this happens around the time Tha Ufo was finally getting his career together. After dropping three consecutive critcally acclaimed mixtapes this year and a classic album for sale on it appears his past mental health issues are catching up to him. At age 19, Tha Ufo was found schizophrenic and has been in and out of prison ever since.....we at were able to speak to him and find out what exactly was happening and find out were do us Space Cowboys go from here.

HDHM: So we meet again.

UFO: Yeah man, how's it going man?

HDHM: We should be asking you the same thing.....well first off congratulations on a great year. You did some major shit this year musically.

UFO: Thanks man, I appreciate it.

HDHM: The mixtapes you dropped this year were epic. Where did the inspirations come from?

UFO: It was more had to show these dudes I wasn't a one album type dude. I wanted to show them I was still evolving as an artist and actually bring a point to my discography. You got everything in my discography and it's only growing. You have to respect my discography because lyrically it's on point and it's always fundamental hip hop. I think people can actually see that I make classic music that is timeless instead of only for a time period. I could have easily jumped on the dance craze that was happening a few years ago....but where's the longevity of that? I am trying to raise the bar...not go under it....this ain't limbo. (laughs)

HDHM: Do you feel like you go over people's heads?

UFO: I don't really care.....I mean do you think Edgar Allan Poe cared if people understood his poems. He lived unappreciated his entire life. It took death for people to catch on to him....same with Van Goh. I don't think it will take that long for me, but my point is I don't work for people to "get me" as some people put it. Because I know when they finally get it, it will mean so much more to them and me as well because I didn't sell out for them to get it.

HDHM: Good point. So as far as the music goes....what's next?

UFO: I am going to be gone for six months to a year. A lot of niggaz can't write while they are locked up....I get locked up sometimes just to write. I will do so much writing while I am in there. I am coming home and releasing more mixtapes then i probably got out right now. A few more albums....the shit don't stop. I told niggaz I had a deal, now they can buy the album for ten dollars. Physical property or digital on my own imprint. What niggaz thought I signed to a major? Of course I am shooting music videos when I come home as well. Real music videos in HD. I am tired of watching these corny ass niggaz. They ain't doing it right man. It's like watching niggaz with a fly ass diva and they ain't treating her got to take can only watch that shit for so long ya dig?

HDHM: This is going to cost money right?

UFO: You know what I am going away for?

HDHM: No....

UFO: Of course not because I ain't told you....I am going in to get my SSI and Housing because I am schizophrenic. When I come home I will have a lump sum and get paid for the rest of my life man. I don't ever have to work a nine to five again. I should have been done this. I just wanted to live a "normal" life, I am finally figuring out that I can't do that because I ain't "normal", there is no such thing as "normal" but I am far from the theory of this word.

HDHM: So when you come home the money's going into your career?

UFO: Well if you listen i will tell you...I got to get my girl her own business. That's first off....then's all going into my career. I don't want to get to detailed but I got a lot of shit planned.

HDHM: Now on to the Charles Hamilton situation. What happened? What's going on with that?

UFO: The shit is squashed man. That's my brother. I don't have no beef with the kid. He's nice. I always respected his music. I just had issues that were fueled by Kevin Nottingham. He twisted a lot of shit around and he's a bitch. Fuck Kevin Nottingham, his label, and his blog. That Kanye West Mixtape was garbage too nigga. There were no exclusives on that shit. On record and off record, if I see that nigga I will tell him too his face ,"i'm not feeling you Kevin." Only problem is you can't see his face nowhere. This nigga is the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz...hiding behind his image.

HDHM: Recently on twitter you sent shots at DJ Drama and Wale over remarks they made toward Kid Cudi....why?

UFO: The emo hip hop kids are my family man. You say something about one of my brothers I got a problem. These niggaz are on something. I mean...they sucking so much corporate dick. You got this big machine marketing you and you still only selling 80,000 copies total not the first week...i mean to date. You on 106 and you ain't selling no records? You got to think how many of those copies did he buy himself? How many were given away to companies as marketing know? Buy "this" get a free copy of Wale CD. They ain't under ship this cat. You got a co sign from Jay Z and you flopping? I mean that's not new but suppose to be cut from a different cloth. He sent shots at Charles now Cudi? This nigga got issues with Emo hip hop.....obviously. So fuck Wale. I don't have beef with Drama. I just sent him a tweet saying don't talk about Cudi, he just looks stupid doing that. He's a DJ that doesn't DJ. What type of shit is that? Even Nick Cannon gets on the one's and two's. I mean these niggaz got an opportunity to eat and instead of eating they talking about another niggaz meal, fix your plate, because when i get in the diner I am never leaving until I own the restaurant.

HDHM: You film Emo Mafia was incredible. The first part anyway..very trippy.

UFO: Thanks.

HDHM: Are you finishing this before you go in?

UFO: I will release part two yes, I also have a few more surprises before I go to this Hospital.

HDHM: You have released albums for Raven Symone, your ex Carmen, Kela Ferguson, why not Che Mack?

UFO: Because I really, really, like her.

HDHM: You have recently gotten several....well a hell of a lot of tat2's. Is this because of her?

UFO: Somewhat, I got her name on me. A few self drawn portraits. I drew all of my tat2's. I got so many more to get but she did inspire me to get inked originally. It then became addictive. I won't lie and say that she isn't a constant motivation for me. (Laughs) She is very motivational. She is my everything at this point. She keeps me grounded and focused. She is more than a woman to me. I always wondered what that meant when Aaliyah sung it but now I know. She is a teacher, a leader, a queen, everything man. She touches my soul and our connection is deep. She is a magnificent lady, and my greatest muse, out of all of them.

HDHM: So whens the wedding?

UFO: (Laughs) Man......we got so much to do before then man.

HDHM: So are you done with the Raven Symone obsession then? You used to spit constantly about her.

UFO: All these questions can be answered on part two of the Emo Mafia film brother.

HDHM: I just want to say you inspired me to make this blog, and whether people know it or not, we are not the same person. I know people have been saying you run this blog and you do...but that's because you approve what I post. I honestly appreciate this chance Ufo.

UFO: Awww inspire me man to keep doing music fool.

HDHM: So what are your instructions while you're gone?

UFO: Support Charles Hamilton and Kid Cudi. Emo Hip Hop is in there hands right now. Support my first LP Music To Die To as well. Follow Che Mack at follow me at

I will be back...then music will be changed forever that's my fuggin word. Free Max B.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Histroic Day In Emo Hip Hop: Charles Hamilton and Tha Ufo Squash Year Long Beef Or Did They?

@InkedUpEmoKid if we weren't similar in demeanor, I'd take offense to a lot of what you say... but we're alike in the Emo sense. cheer up.

That was the tweet. Then Charles Followed Tha Ufo. Who knows what they DMed each other. Then Tha Ufo said the beef was over. Charles @20hamil10 Didn't confirm. The latest diss between the two Famtana by Charles was then said by Charles to be remixed. As he unfollowed Tha Ufo on twitter.

Tha Ufo has decided not to battle rap anymore. He declined the grindtime try outs and the jungle. He is focusing on his music career. Then on the 19th Via twitter:

"Famtana remix"? @20hamil10 *loads ink cartridge* be careful..... Chill E dog. Yo @BrokeTheEmcee *loads ink cartridge* do you have a life?

Who knows?

We do know tha ufo's new album is titled Imports, Models, and bape gear. He also is releasing a new mixtape still untitled. We will keep you posted.

Stay tuned Space Cowboys/Cowgirls.