Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ice Cream Skate Team LP (Tha UFO is back in the studio)

Tha Ufo has recently returned to the studio after a long hiatus for him anyway.....after heated debates with his ex-girlfriend Donna Staxxx. According to her he's broke but can eat pussy. According to him she's money hungry and desperate to be a model and wants to use anyone to get there. They are done but he said he was inspired to get in the studio after the break up.

The LP is titled Ice Cream Skate Team and it is dedicated to the disbanded Ice Cream Skate Team. The details aren't revealed as of yet but Tha Ufo recently released a video dissing Charles Hamilton( www.youtube.com/mushroomkingdoment ) and the guy running http://www.whereischarleshamilton.blogspot.com/ Chris Dot Rivera. Tha Ufo has been in debates on twitter all week and has struck down plenty of his foes. First it was his other ex girlfriend http://www.hellokela.blogspot.com/ and she recently released a 14 minute video dissing him in response to his Charles Hamilton diss video to the "Lifted" song off of the Snobs and Prudes LP. ( www.youtube.com/helokelaTV) The video is titled twitter beef part one and two.

The video wasn't discussed much by Tha Ufo but an interview should be coming soon according to my texting Tha Ufo. He's been extremely busy. He also releasesd a diss song to a "battle rapper" named Broke The Emcee of the jungle fame from stockton, california. Broke repeatedly dissed Tha Ufo and emo people alike on twitter....when Tha Ufo challenged him to a battle Broke backed down but continued to talk shit via twitter. Eventually Tha Ufo had enough of the tweets and decided to make a record called Pop Bottles. The record was released and Broke dismissed the track even after people requested a response. Broke claimed Tha Ufo was thirsty and looking for attention. Tha Ufo claimed if he wanted to get attention wouldn't he diss someone a little more relevant than Broke The emcee.

Anticipating Ice Cream Skate Team LP and the interview with Tha UFO coming soon.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Tha Ufo's LP Snobs and Prudes

The LP is out snobs and prudes. I hope everyone has a chance to listen to it. Although few will actually listen to it according to Tha UFO he is shooting a film to promote the LP in hopes that people will finally understand him as an artist with a visual along with it. This will be his final LP. He is now going into promoting a film called snobs and prudes which will be a musical inspired by the album and his life.