Saturday, July 17, 2010

Queen Of The Damned LP

Today i recieved an email from tha ufo showcasing an ad for his new lp in html. I was told to apply it the blog and that it was not to be discussed under any circumstances after it was posted. According to Tha Ufo this is the new lp and it will be coming out on his label Mushroom Kindom Entertainment.

Here it is.


1.Ice Cream Truck (Produced by DJ Muggs)
2.Ren and Stimpy featuring Mark Deez (Produced By DJ Class and Stephen Janis)
3.In your Eyes featuring Ali Vegas (Produced by The Heatmakerz)
4.Romeo and Juliet (Produced By J. Cardim)
5.Right (Produced by Domino)
6.Skate or Die(Produced by Ski Beats)
7.Johnny Test featuring The Platinum Pied Pipers(Produced by Black Milk)
8.Pop Bottles(Produced By Black Milk)
9.Romeo(Produced By Tha Ufo)
10.Suicide Letter (Produced By Anno Domini Beats)
11.I let a good girl go featuring Kela Ferguson (Produced by Tha UFO)

We will keep you posted as more news surfaces.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A missing Classic

So this is an old video promoting who we know as Tha Ufo as a underground Mcee known as Jesus Diamonds. The album's master tape was stolen an it is nearly impossible to find this album. It was a g-rap album back when Tha Ufo was gang banging. A missing gem.

Tha Ufo said via email:

"The reasonably illmatic album was a standard for any young g growing up in Augusta. I sent a lot of niggaz to they pads to write with that LP. Sadly it has vanished but what can I say? That's the way some things have a relationship you love it but if it's meant to go it will go. All I have is that video. It still tells you enough about the LP though. Funny how that happened."

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Long Awaited Interview With Tha Ufo

After months of speculation about his career and being retired. Tha Ufo has recently returned to the blogosphere and the hip hop scene. After releasing two classic albums that were slept on Tha Ufo told us via text that he was about to work on films and was leaving music alone.

Now we bring to you the long awaited interview entering the mind of Tha Ufo:

HerDadHatesMe: So man how's it been?

UFO: Crazy as usual man...

HDHM: Thanks for the interview...i know you don't do a lot of these.

UFO: Yeah man i am antisocial homie what can I say.

HDHM: So you said you were retiring why?

UFO: Just from music. I wanted to make films to some of my albums. I still will. I dropped 13 mixtapes man. People need visuals man.

HDHM: So what made you want to do number 14?

UFO: Just the feeling of being in the booth man. I do a lot of drugs and have been addicted to a lot as well but none as powerful as making music. I am kind of used to it now.

HDHM: What is the theme behind this one?

UFO: I am making an LP that a skateboarder puts on as soon as he wakes up and grabs a blunt, showers, grabs his board and skates to all day. That is the point behind this LP. It is an LP that i think skateboarders will understand and my emo pothead stoners will understand as well. I know my fan base...all three of them....and will continue to give them what i think is good emo hip hop.

HDHM: Production wise who's on it? Because Snobs and Prudes was a very well produced album and so was Yuck. Your last two lp's were very slept on but spectacular lyrically and production wise.

UFO: Yeah and you guys have yet to review snobs and prudes man.

HDHM: I will not lie we've been busy man.

UFO: As far as production goes I got of course Black Milk on there. I can't say enough about Black Milk. He is to me what Primo is to nas man. I really can't put into words what he brings out of me in that booth man no homo. Ski beats, Q Tip, and the rest you'll have to wait and see.

HDHM: Why name the LP Ice Cream Skate Team?

UFO: Well that is my favorite shoe to skate in. I watched the ice cream skate team vol. 1 so many times and as a black skater i really dig that crew man. I don't think they understand the impact they had on black skateboarders man and i wanted to show my appreciation to them with this LP.

HDHM: You recently released a track on twitter beefing with Broke, a battle rapper from stockton, how did that come about?

UFO: I love twitter man. You get to see everyone's bitchassness up close and personal. Like Broke I met him through twitter from my homegirl Trice who i also met on twitter. He seemed cool and all but when i asked him to collab he told me no....he said he wasn't digging my music. Cool...everyone is entitled to an opinion. I ain't really speak to him after that. Then one day out of nowhere he makes a comment on me and Trice roasting my ex girlfriend. Really was no of his buissness, sideline nigga you know? Then two seconds later he says he hates emo people. Sub tweeting. He knows i am an emo hip hop artist. Anyway, I ask him about it. He gets real disrespectful....then he starts calling me names and shit. I asked him if he wanted to battle, an audio battle. He's a battle rapper you know? He says he's too big for that. Now that's funny. Then he keeps making comments about me disrespecting me after he agreed he ain't want to battle. So i took thirty minutes and killed him with a song called Pop bottles.

HDHM: Did he respond?

UFO: He linked a youtube video from tosh.0 and said that was his response. If you don't know what Tosh.0 is it's a show on comedy central which showcases funny internet films.

HDHM: Why did he do that?

UFO: I don't know. Either he couldn't get in the booth and decided that he had to do something and thought that was clever...or he tapped out. I don't know. Don't really care either. He's a clown to me. He was scared to battle me. Period. This guy sat and argued four hours on twitter with me but won't get in the booth.

HDHM: What about the hello kela situation?

UFO: I am done with that too. Another ex girlfriend bitter man. I can't help that shit. That's the story of my life man.

HDHM: If you died today what would you want people to know about you?

UFO: I am not crazy. I am a comedian man. 99% of the time i am joking. I also would like to be known as a artist at the end of the day that commited to emo hip hop man. I didn't go out talking about guns and killing people in my music or rims and shit. I did this shit from the heart and gave you my life on wax man. That's what i want people to know about me. I am really just misunderstood man. People don't understand me. Girls, dudes, it don't matter i am rarely able to relate to people that aren't artist themselves or aren't emotional like me.

HDHM: So what's after this?

UFO: This trully is my last LP before i go into shooting films man. Then i will follow up with another LP called The Celebrity Experiment. That will be like my first offical LP in my opinion. I have kind of had this planned out for awhile. Anyway, i am shooting my skateboard sponsor me film and music video's and i will probably be low key for awhile music wise. I will be promoting the Slut Clothing Line and shooting films man.

HDHM: What are you listening to lately?

UFO: Man the homie Cage, Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa, Max B, and myself.

HDHM: Thanks for your time and we can't wait for more news about you man.

UFO: No problem I don't mind working with real niggaz man.

(Follow tha ufo on twitter @thaufo )

Ice Cream Skate Team LP Coming Soon

Check Mate Bitch

Well this is a ten minute video a chick name kela decided to make about Tha Ufo. Sadly there is a part two. Personally I think you guys will get a good laugh out of it but it's not worth the entie 14 minutes to be honest. Another angry aspiring model what else is new. I will say this....Tha Ufo was going to make an album for her entitled Hello Kela. He called it off after her racist vlog, since then she has made this video. You be the judge on who's psycho and crazy.

14 minutes really?

And Tha UFO's obsessed?

That is the orginal album cover for the Hello kela LP. She has since released her own version which is random unorginal popular commercial songs by mainstream artist that she put together. Basically it's a downloadable playlist the average fake 'emo' chick would have. Paramore? Nirvana? Dude....don't be so generic next time. Why she did that i don't know. I mean if you didn't want the album done then why would you release a version of your own with the same name? I don't know. She also admits to having two tracks made by tha ufo for hello kela. Twitter her at:


To get them because Tha Ufo will never release them on any of his LP's according to him. It has been shelved and he is now working on Ice Cream Skate Team LP along with his 'sponsor me' tape.

This is the last time we will be addressing disgruntle ex girlfriends on this blog....well maybe not the last time but the last time we are addressing THIS disgruntle ex girlfriend.

Interview with Tha Ufo coming soon. Your Scene sucks by the way. j/k Emo and scene should co exist.


Funny thing is Tha Ufo claims this was all planned out. Look at this old video from 2009:

He called out Charles Hamilton and kid cudi. He apologized to kid cudi on his album Yuck with this bar:

"Apologies to kid cudi but the other guys a liar, role model?// nah girls beating you up like you was johnny bravo//"

That was in March.

So when Tha Ufo saw this video of kela:

She stays in that room huh?

He decided to do what Charles did, make an LP for a chick and why not one of Charles biggest fans? He has since pissed off plenty of Star chasers. He has also returned with a Charles Hamilton diss video. Guess Kela didn't do her research on Tha Ufo....

Guess Tha Ufo is getting rid of Charles dickriders for him. Whoever said there was no love between foes?

Check mate.

Chess moves homie.