Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A sneak Preview of Tha Ufo's first film Emo Mafia

The movie is underway. This looks like something to trip to. Way to go UFO!

Tha Ufo To Release Two New LPs and Film

After releasing the rather quietly accepted Queen Of the Damned LP and sending "Hello Kela" into seclusion Tha Ufo seemed to also disappear for a few months. It was under speculation that he was signed, but to who? Recently Tha Ufo has been saying Taylor Gang and Fly Society could be possible homes for him then he said they were more of a street fam than a label he would sign to. His twitter then vanished from sight (site) and he seemed to be gone after promises of suicide.

Have no fear space cowboys he is back at:

With news of two new LPs and his first feature film.

The first is being released locally inside his city of Augusta and it is titled:

Music To Die To.

Here's the tracklist:

It looks like a lot of old classic releases but there is new material on this LP. It will be his first physical product in awhile and will be sold out of Rebel Lion Den in Augusta Ga. Copies are also trying to be available at Deluxe in Augusta.