Sunday, September 19, 2010

Histroic Day In Emo Hip Hop: Charles Hamilton and Tha Ufo Squash Year Long Beef Or Did They?

@InkedUpEmoKid if we weren't similar in demeanor, I'd take offense to a lot of what you say... but we're alike in the Emo sense. cheer up.

That was the tweet. Then Charles Followed Tha Ufo. Who knows what they DMed each other. Then Tha Ufo said the beef was over. Charles @20hamil10 Didn't confirm. The latest diss between the two Famtana by Charles was then said by Charles to be remixed. As he unfollowed Tha Ufo on twitter.

Tha Ufo has decided not to battle rap anymore. He declined the grindtime try outs and the jungle. He is focusing on his music career. Then on the 19th Via twitter:

"Famtana remix"? @20hamil10 *loads ink cartridge* be careful..... Chill E dog. Yo @BrokeTheEmcee *loads ink cartridge* do you have a life?

Who knows?

We do know tha ufo's new album is titled Imports, Models, and bape gear. He also is releasing a new mixtape still untitled. We will keep you posted.

Stay tuned Space Cowboys/Cowgirls.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tha Ufo To Battle At Grind Time Houston Tryouts September 16th

His new Twitter is:

On September 16th Tha Ufo is going out to Grindtime's New Division The Houston Division to battle at the Try outs. We at her dad hates me will keep you updated. I think this video is appropriate.