Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tha UFO Interview with DJ Miss Van

Tha Ufo Exclusive Interview
It's has been awhile since we updated the page, but we have been in contact with Tha Ufo via twitter (@thaufo) and have were able to get one of our staff DJ Miss Van an interview and freestyle with the young poet. In the audio file Tha Ufo speaks on Yuck, his hiatus from hip hop, his new label and artist, as well as his new LP Snobs and Prudes. This is exclusive for Her Dad Hates Me.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lupe Fiasco- No CRS

A while ago the internet buzzed of a supergroup of Pharrell,Lupe, and Kanye called Child Rebel Soldier or CRS for short.
Recently, Lupe Fiasco has stated that this group is no more.
When asked if they had anything planned or had an album coming out Lupe responded simply,"No."
So much for that dream. I was hoping we could get another "us placers".

Monday, May 3, 2010

Tha UFO and Hanz-Finally Chocolate Milk?

Via twitter Tha Ufo has been speaking with @hanzgotbeats about something called the #milehighclub Diciphered as the mile high club. Not sure what this is but it's obvious it has something to do with beats and new music. Stay tuned we are trying to get an interview with tha ufo or @hanzgotbeats.

For those that do not know the history between hanz and tha ufo goes back to an old interview in which tha ufo claimed that he and underground producer hanz had a project called chocolate milk to be released. This was about a year ago and no sound of anything done between the two except the classic "super sayiian" track.

Can't wait to find out.

Slut Clothing Line Season 1 Sneak Peek

It seems Tha UFO has begun working on his newly named Slut Clothing Line. Season 1 is a re launch of his old ideas of a anime inspired clothing line. The clothing looks flashier than the old designs. Earlier this week on twitter Tha Ufo spoke on how his clothing line was not the other slut clothing that was recently launched although Tha Ufo's premise has been around since June of 2009. The difference:
"#slutclothing is a bit too safe", via @thaufo twitter.
The new season looks incredible and from what we are able to see Tha Ufo is gearing up for some serious power moves.
-Chris Baker
"Don of Her Dad Hates Me"

JR Writers Return.

This week must be the return of my favorite mcees. JR writer the punchline legend has returned or should i say resurrected. JR writer of the now disbanded dipset is in a zone i must say. The intro shows a maturity of an artist already ahead of his time. JR has always been slept on but has always been recognized as an unspoken legend.

Flex dropped bombs on the 19 year old.

JR was once killa cam's 730 sharp shooter or goon for lack of a better word. He was one that no one would want to battle simply because Jr never knew what stop meant he has and always will have bars. The battle circuit (grindtime, smack) took Jr writers battle style and ran with it. His flow is one of the most stolen in the history of hip hop.

Team bickering and greed, robberies, and shootings can never overshadow talent. Ask Tupac. (Rest In Peace) On "May Day" it is classic syallable rhyming as Jr stays on the same rhyme scheme for over half the song damn near 50 bars of the same rhyme scheme.

Money Money Money sounds like a true ghost of christopher wallace song. No dickriding or screaming necessary. Yuck. There are times were JR writer sounds like two different people on songs. His flow is that leathal he can go in different dimensions. One an intelligent hoodlum confused on why everyone doesn't understand him then a cocaine dealer amused at the thought of killing his foes.

His hooks have improved. Check out "Make it hot" and "Grind Grizzly".

The only complaint is on the bang song "Stop It Five" he says he rolls weed with cuban cigar which any real willy knows is impossible.

Fred Money has improved and his team looks prepared. I think JR might be running for MVP this year.

5 out of 5

Check out:

60 bars of torture

G.O.A.T f/ cassidy

Money Money Money f/ Fred Money

The Return Of Dame Dash

It's crazy how things always stay the same even when they change. It seems Damon Dash is back at the posistion he once helmed. The guy that helped build Rocafella is now buliding again on that very same label. The first artist to be released on Rocafella Records is Curren$y of the How Fly fame with Wiz Khalifa.

The charasmatic pot head is now set to take over the commerical ground as he has the underground. We stay tuned for new news on album titles or release dates or if pillow talk will still be released on Amalgam.

Tha UFO's Return To Hip Hop With Yuck!

Almost a year ago the internet buzzed with news of a new artist by the name of Tha Ufo on messageboards and blogs such as wake your daughter up and kevin nottingham. He was known as a talented poet with a fetish for Raven Symone, drugs, money,cars,girls, and high fashion. Take Me To Your Leader, his first effort is hailed by many as his illmatic, as he is often overshadowed by expectations of his underground music.

A beef with Charles Hamilton put his budding career on pause as he had a very public fued with Kevin Nottingham over posting both of the emo musicians on his blog. This gave Tha Ufo no outlet and also turned many of his fans against him many simply stopped caring. Then after an arrest over drugs and taking police on a three mile chase Tha Ufo seemed unable to dig deep and give the album that would generate his much needed fanbase.

Several fake album covers and tracklist later the much anticipated return of Tha Ufo is underway with Yuck. The LP starts off with Raven Symone bringing in "New Music". Tha Ufo then goes into a two minute barrage of punchlines and drug usage he is known for. The LP continues to shine on cuts such as "Everyday Like It's 4/20" and the comedic "Anti Party Song".
The one once hailed as the emo tupac also dwells on deep tracks about how he felt on certain drugs and as a loser on the dark yet classy "Kirby's Dreamland" and the beautiful "Mario Sunshine."

I couldn't believe in the middle of the mixtape I actually heard "Tank", the Cowboy Bebop theme song. He becomes a great story teller on "Astro boy" and "Underground Hip Hop Awards."

This LP is hip hop at it's finest and the guest appearances from Asher Roth and Aaliyah don't bring down it's value at all.

I am now a true fan of Tha Ufo or what he would call a Space Cowboy. He inspired my blog to begin and all the people that dig real hip hop support this guy. This is the difference we need in the rap game.

Classic hip hop LP.

Thank god Tha Ufo is back.

Check out:
Everyday like it's 4/20
The Late Late Show f/Asher Roth
Hippie Anthem

5 out of 5