Monday, November 1, 2010

Charles Is At It Again

Well this isn't awakard Review

The albums starts off great. Due to the fact that Isn't This Awkawrd is my favorite Charles Hamilton Mixtape along with Normalcy it was hard to picture a sequel. He states it was a classic with many on the first track. I don't think he intended to out do his first effort but he must have known that the comparisons would be almost immediate. I will say that the intro is EPIC. I love the beat and the vocals they made me feel serene and depressed at the same time.

Then the first song plays, it is very different from how the first began on the first mixtape, this is more sadder. Seeing as how he didn't get her after the first effort which was magnificent I can see why it is sad. The lost boyz hook fits perfect seeing as how he most feel at this moment. He is a bit too complex with his lyrics. You must wonder what type of women have been in his life to bring him to the point that he knows what many are thinking and how to control them to the point he does yet be so out of control career wise. It is sad how many took his Rhianna obsession and thought it was rhianna instead of Brianna the girl that hit him. Sadly they put him in the position where he had to choose which one would better suit him. He probably never thought it would go to that level but it did.

The next song is on point. It is back to the happy go lucky Charles. The pimp. He backed behind the "We will rock you beat" he went bonkers over this beat. All you can do is nod in approval as he taunts both of his loves with what other choices he has.

The next song he tells them what they are thinking. As he approaches both of them instead of them this time. He fell in love with both of them. After all she helped him profess his love to the first one the first time. How can the first one hate the second one? This is where I think he made a mistake but he walks his own path Riley Freeman you know. He even puts a message of her after he deleted previous on his work the L word Maybeline in which he saves it this time. He really is going hard at this point in the film.

Of course he is turned down at this point. As I said it was a bad idea. He is back to begging like Keith Sweat at this point of the film. This is laugh out loud hilarious.

Then he really loses it. Since he can't get Brianna he decides to attack her, which makes you wonder if the track "Humble Beginnings" was a threat or a plea for love. He bodies her and Drake on the same track. This is disgusting. Talk about a body bag. He plays with them vocally on laughing as he gets to end ofch verse because he has the beat extremely low meaning he must have a big suprise at the end. He lets the production take over "August Rush" Style and bodies them both. You are wondering how she will take this at this point in the film.

Favorite Line:

Drake Saying the same thing every single time.

Peter Pad's is a commerical break well needed at this point we are on the edge of our seat.

The commerical break he goes in on anybody else that might want some. All the people that said he couldn't bounce back from the punch. I don't think niggaz want it with him at this point.

So he sends shots at Tha Ufo, Jay Z, and Chris Brown on the next song.

Favorite Line:

"I'm more ILL than Yuck." Sick!

Then he apologizes to Brianna on the repremanded. You know he would.

Finally he must choose at the end.

He chooses to be lonely. Monkhood.

That shit ain't last.

He is now with Kat Stacks.....I personally think he needs to be with Brianna.

Either way we are happy he didn't dumb it down like Interscope wanted him to.

Five Out Of Five Doughnuts

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