Monday, November 1, 2010

Kid Cudi

The Past Of Mr. Rager

The title is funny considering all the trouble Kid Cudi has been into thus far this year. Ironic not funny. The music on this is what you expect from an emo artist. Moody. I don't really no where to start as to how happily dull this music made me feel when I first heard it. He tells a lot about his personal life about his family issues and all and this is all on the first track.

Favorite Line:

Are you looking at these black lips?// All the time I'm flat line stoned bitch//

After someone ask him is he really smoking.

The album from there is full of twist and turns. "Just for you" is very mellow and the guest vocals are welcome they compliment Cudi's love plea very well on this song. Cudi sounds like he is a beatles singer on this track and it is one of my favorites on this Mixtape. His voice continues to pull you in on the next track " crusin' " he has grown as a singer since i first heard him on a "Kid Named Cudi" he still rocks bathing ape like most emo kids he says it proudly on the same track. This is certified car music. At this point in the album I called up my weed man and drove over bumping it.

The shots by rappers like Wale seem silly when you compare the music to tracks like Crusin'. Crusin makes you want to move and do some big things like go buy some weed drive around the city and holler at some pretty girls pun intended.

When I got back home I continued to dwell into the mind of Kid Mescudi. The dark "Mojo So Dope" is an anthem for all emo kids. He talks about the skinny jeans and even speaks about his brother in the dope game and his mother. He even brings meaning to the rager name and once again explains that he has puns intended as well. I wanted to skip the song and move on the next because he had me hooked at this moment.

The next was probably one of my favorites on the album showing people they really did not want the bar for bar with kid cudi. He gets busy as he states in the beginning. Dangerous is EPIC. This is one of the greatest subliminal diss songs I have heard. The hunt is own for the head of Wale. We at her dad hates me hate him just as much as you do. He sounds like Notorious BIG on this song a bit and you can hear it in his delivery that he is not playing.

Favorite Line:

The entire Freestyle at the end.

It was a bit hit and miss with Rev and Ev. Glad this was on the mixtape instead of the album.

He recovers nicely on Girls, Sounds, and Colors. As a raver and an Emo kid I think this song spoke volumes to me. The guest vocals did not steal the show but rather complimented Kid Mescudi and we appreciate that. Some singers try to over power rather than compliment and this was done very well.

The live performance made us want to check his show dates. I bet he is amazing live. If he is half as charasmatic as he is on How To Make It In America than we would love to be apart of one of his shows. The crowd didn't seem to really appreciate his live performance as much we did as we smoked and sat.....the pretty girl I met out here Downtown Atlanta.

Welcome To The World was welcomed as well I love the way Cudi can make the best out of a bad situation. The beat was a bit pop and bubbly but this shit was brought back down by his lyrics and the bands lyrics that played along with him.

As a fan of rap and lyrics the freestyle with Westwood was probably my favorite part. I would love to watch a cipher of Charles Hamilton and Kid Cudi two of the best freestlyers in the game.

Favorite line:

"I roll to London hit it up dizzee rascallle."

Shout out to cudi for knowing about Dizzee.

Memories Remix got no sounded like generic Rave music and was a bit filler for me.

Wylin Cause I'm Young recovered for every song i wasn't feeling he follows up with a great song.

This whole mixtape is a must have for any fan of emo hip hop and we love this Mixtape. It is a classic for sure.

Songs to check out:
Did You Get It?, Girls Sounds and Colors, Crusin', Dangerous, Tim Westwood Freestlye

Rating 5 out of 5 doughnuts

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