Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tha Ufo's Final Interview Before.....just read.

After months of debates and dealing with his legal issues Tha Ufo is once again leaving to go into an institution. Sadly it appears that this happens around the time Tha Ufo was finally getting his career together. After dropping three consecutive critcally acclaimed mixtapes this year and a classic album for sale on it appears his past mental health issues are catching up to him. At age 19, Tha Ufo was found schizophrenic and has been in and out of prison ever since.....we at were able to speak to him and find out what exactly was happening and find out were do us Space Cowboys go from here.

HDHM: So we meet again.

UFO: Yeah man, how's it going man?

HDHM: We should be asking you the same thing.....well first off congratulations on a great year. You did some major shit this year musically.

UFO: Thanks man, I appreciate it.

HDHM: The mixtapes you dropped this year were epic. Where did the inspirations come from?

UFO: It was more had to show these dudes I wasn't a one album type dude. I wanted to show them I was still evolving as an artist and actually bring a point to my discography. You got everything in my discography and it's only growing. You have to respect my discography because lyrically it's on point and it's always fundamental hip hop. I think people can actually see that I make classic music that is timeless instead of only for a time period. I could have easily jumped on the dance craze that was happening a few years ago....but where's the longevity of that? I am trying to raise the bar...not go under it....this ain't limbo. (laughs)

HDHM: Do you feel like you go over people's heads?

UFO: I don't really care.....I mean do you think Edgar Allan Poe cared if people understood his poems. He lived unappreciated his entire life. It took death for people to catch on to him....same with Van Goh. I don't think it will take that long for me, but my point is I don't work for people to "get me" as some people put it. Because I know when they finally get it, it will mean so much more to them and me as well because I didn't sell out for them to get it.

HDHM: Good point. So as far as the music goes....what's next?

UFO: I am going to be gone for six months to a year. A lot of niggaz can't write while they are locked up....I get locked up sometimes just to write. I will do so much writing while I am in there. I am coming home and releasing more mixtapes then i probably got out right now. A few more albums....the shit don't stop. I told niggaz I had a deal, now they can buy the album for ten dollars. Physical property or digital on my own imprint. What niggaz thought I signed to a major? Of course I am shooting music videos when I come home as well. Real music videos in HD. I am tired of watching these corny ass niggaz. They ain't doing it right man. It's like watching niggaz with a fly ass diva and they ain't treating her got to take can only watch that shit for so long ya dig?

HDHM: This is going to cost money right?

UFO: You know what I am going away for?

HDHM: No....

UFO: Of course not because I ain't told you....I am going in to get my SSI and Housing because I am schizophrenic. When I come home I will have a lump sum and get paid for the rest of my life man. I don't ever have to work a nine to five again. I should have been done this. I just wanted to live a "normal" life, I am finally figuring out that I can't do that because I ain't "normal", there is no such thing as "normal" but I am far from the theory of this word.

HDHM: So when you come home the money's going into your career?

UFO: Well if you listen i will tell you...I got to get my girl her own business. That's first off....then's all going into my career. I don't want to get to detailed but I got a lot of shit planned.

HDHM: Now on to the Charles Hamilton situation. What happened? What's going on with that?

UFO: The shit is squashed man. That's my brother. I don't have no beef with the kid. He's nice. I always respected his music. I just had issues that were fueled by Kevin Nottingham. He twisted a lot of shit around and he's a bitch. Fuck Kevin Nottingham, his label, and his blog. That Kanye West Mixtape was garbage too nigga. There were no exclusives on that shit. On record and off record, if I see that nigga I will tell him too his face ,"i'm not feeling you Kevin." Only problem is you can't see his face nowhere. This nigga is the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz...hiding behind his image.

HDHM: Recently on twitter you sent shots at DJ Drama and Wale over remarks they made toward Kid Cudi....why?

UFO: The emo hip hop kids are my family man. You say something about one of my brothers I got a problem. These niggaz are on something. I mean...they sucking so much corporate dick. You got this big machine marketing you and you still only selling 80,000 copies total not the first week...i mean to date. You on 106 and you ain't selling no records? You got to think how many of those copies did he buy himself? How many were given away to companies as marketing know? Buy "this" get a free copy of Wale CD. They ain't under ship this cat. You got a co sign from Jay Z and you flopping? I mean that's not new but suppose to be cut from a different cloth. He sent shots at Charles now Cudi? This nigga got issues with Emo hip hop.....obviously. So fuck Wale. I don't have beef with Drama. I just sent him a tweet saying don't talk about Cudi, he just looks stupid doing that. He's a DJ that doesn't DJ. What type of shit is that? Even Nick Cannon gets on the one's and two's. I mean these niggaz got an opportunity to eat and instead of eating they talking about another niggaz meal, fix your plate, because when i get in the diner I am never leaving until I own the restaurant.

HDHM: You film Emo Mafia was incredible. The first part anyway..very trippy.

UFO: Thanks.

HDHM: Are you finishing this before you go in?

UFO: I will release part two yes, I also have a few more surprises before I go to this Hospital.

HDHM: You have released albums for Raven Symone, your ex Carmen, Kela Ferguson, why not Che Mack?

UFO: Because I really, really, like her.

HDHM: You have recently gotten several....well a hell of a lot of tat2's. Is this because of her?

UFO: Somewhat, I got her name on me. A few self drawn portraits. I drew all of my tat2's. I got so many more to get but she did inspire me to get inked originally. It then became addictive. I won't lie and say that she isn't a constant motivation for me. (Laughs) She is very motivational. She is my everything at this point. She keeps me grounded and focused. She is more than a woman to me. I always wondered what that meant when Aaliyah sung it but now I know. She is a teacher, a leader, a queen, everything man. She touches my soul and our connection is deep. She is a magnificent lady, and my greatest muse, out of all of them.

HDHM: So whens the wedding?

UFO: (Laughs) Man......we got so much to do before then man.

HDHM: So are you done with the Raven Symone obsession then? You used to spit constantly about her.

UFO: All these questions can be answered on part two of the Emo Mafia film brother.

HDHM: I just want to say you inspired me to make this blog, and whether people know it or not, we are not the same person. I know people have been saying you run this blog and you do...but that's because you approve what I post. I honestly appreciate this chance Ufo.

UFO: Awww inspire me man to keep doing music fool.

HDHM: So what are your instructions while you're gone?

UFO: Support Charles Hamilton and Kid Cudi. Emo Hip Hop is in there hands right now. Support my first LP Music To Die To as well. Follow Che Mack at follow me at

I will be back...then music will be changed forever that's my fuggin word. Free Max B.

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